At a Glance

  • Quickly understand the day's driving activities. In one intuitive map, see locations, speeds, instances of hard braking, acceleration and idling.
  • Track individual and group safety metrics
  • Empower drivers to improve their driving through automated, daily score cards sent to drivers'phones
  • "Right-size" your fleet with several utilization reports showing vehicle usage and patterns

Unique Capabilities

  • Know exactly who was driving each vehicle through bluetooth key fob's. Staff just get in a vehicle and drive. You automatically know who was in which vehicle.
  • Also track non-traditional assets like bikes, golf carts, trailers, ladders, tools, etc.
  • Hardware doesn't connect to OBD2 "brains" of vehicle so vehicles cannot be "hacked"
  • Possible rebates and government funding through greenhouse emissions reduction reporting

Safety and Emissions Reports

  • Easily create safety and emissions report cards for individuals or groups
  • You can adjust how hard it is to get an "A" grade over time. This allows for the expectation of continuous improvement.
  • View trends over time
  • Demonstrate to stakeholders how your fleet is becoming more safe and eco-friendly each month

Empower Your Drivers

  • Switch a button to allow drivers to see their daily safety and performance reports
  • No more nagging drivers about driving safer. Empower drivers with their safety performance on their phones, then expect improvement over time.
  • Automatically track which worker is driving each vehicle with ultra low power Bluetooth key fob's. Staff just get in a vehicle and drive. You know who drove. Vehicles can be shared with less hassle and more accountability.

Month-to-Month Comparisons

  • No more tedious manual calculations
  • Print and post each month-to-month comparison in the staff lounge or on the company fridge
  • Automatically know what your Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are
  • Quickly understand what KPI's need work this month
  • Look like a superstar in front of your own bosses

Real-Time Tracking

  • View the most recent locations of all your vehicles
  • For larger fleets, filter your view based on a department, team or qualification
  • See which driver is in each vehicle

Reports for Everything

  • Get all the info you need with trip report summaries and detailed trip reports
  • Utilization reports for vehicle utilization, vehicle mix and right-sizing
  • Custom reports are also available. Ask us for details

Security by Design

  • Most fleet management products get vehicle insights from the vehicle's OBD port
  • As long as there is "chatter" between the OBD dongle and the vehicle itself, there will always be a chance that hackers can override the vehicle
  • Our product doesn't physically connect to the "brains" of the vehicle. As such, a vehicle cannot be hacked through our fleet management system.